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*Schedule to be adjusted to accommodate school schedule Changes*

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Can my Teen Expect from Group?

This group was designed in order to meet the need of seniors (Class of 2020) experiencing the many disruptions of their senior year due to Covid-19. With the increase of isolation, social distancing, and cancellation of important events, I saw a great number of teens begin to struggle with anxiety, depression, and grief over these loses and transitions. My goal is to provide a safe space for seniors to connect and support one another.  

Senior Strong is an online group where HS seniors can expect to feel heard and understood by peers. While providing a safe place to process their experiences, we will also discuss healthy coping strategies to deal with stresses caused by Covid-19 and life in general

Where will Group Be held?

This group will be held on an online platform, "Google Hangout Meet" and "Google Jamboards"  The combination of these two platforms allow for an interactive experience.  Participants can choose to use video or just voice and everyone will have access to our virtual whiteboard for activities. 

What technology is needed to participate in group?

The most ideal step-up is for each teen to have access to a laptop computer. However, it is also possible to attend group via phone and tablet. Each participant must have a gmail account (these are free and simple to get). The teen must also have access to a private space during each group. 

Who Will Be Leading Group?

Courtney is the facilitator for this group. She is a practicing licensed mental health therapist in the community that enjoys working with teens individually as well as in group settings.

Group vs Individual 


We love groups. Why? Because developmentally, teens yearn for peer connection and belonging. Peer support is especially crucial as our worlds change due to Covid-19.  Courtney creates a safe space for teens to explore their thoughts and emotions while learning lifelong interpersonal and coping skills. 

Why else do we love groups?

Groups make support for teens more accessible by reducing the weekly cost. The average individual counseling session is about $140.00/weekly. Groups provide the opportunity for peer connection with the added bonus of an awesome counselor, for less than HALF the price of individual therapy. It is also important to note that a skills based group does not take the place of individual counseling if that level of support is needed by your teen. 

What do I get for my investment?

Group dues ($250) include 4 weeks of sessions + a one on one virtual "meet and greet" with the facilitator to make sure this is the right group for your teen.  The meet and greet will also be a time for us to work together to troubleshoot any tech issues you may come across prior to group starting. This breaks down to only $50 per group versus the average $140 for individual counseling!

I am ready to sign up, now what?

I am so excited to get to know your teen! The next step is to register by filling out the registration (or waitlist if group is full) form below. 


Terms of Enrollment:

In order to create an environment of safety and trust, all members must commit to all 4 groups.  Full Enrollment fee is due upon acceptance into the group ($250). Each teen must complete a "meet and greet" with a facilitator to determine if the group will be a good fit for the teen. 

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