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This group is for Middle Schoolers that:

  • Experience big emotions that often become overwhelming

  • Feel like they feel more deeply than others

  • Sometimes feel misunderstood and lonely

  • Often absorb the feelings of others

  • May be in friendships that feel one-sided 

  • Struggle creating healthy boundaries

  • May make choices that are harmful to self, in order to help someone else

  • Tend to be labeled as the caretakers of a group of friends. the "parent" figure

  • Have difficulty finding their people

  • Strongly searching for deeper connection from others

  • Struggle with standing up for themselves

  • Experiences strong internal pressure to be "perfect"

Not Your Typical Teen Group will help your teen:

  • Have an outlet for safe peer connections with like-minded teens

  • Learn to truly like and accept themselves and stop searching for validation from others

  • Find inspiration and strength from their quirks and empath super powers

  • Learn to identify true friends that value them and their uniqueness

  • Learn coping skills to help manage anxious thoughts when they come around

  • Create healthy boundaries that lead to healthy relationships

  • Live a life that feels meaningful without the constant pull to people please

  • Say to assertively say "No" when it counts while feeling confident

  • Open up and express feelings with safe adults and friends

  • Find beauty and empowerment in imperfections without the constant pressure to be perfect.

***All of my groups are LGBTQ+ & Neurodivergent affirming***

Group Details


March 8th-April 29thth

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Haven Counseling Center

1201 Jadwin Ave Suite 202 Richland, WA

Who Will Be Leading Group?

Courtney is the facilitator for this group. She is a practicing licensed mental health therapist in the community that works specifically with teens and tweens. The youth she works with often describe her as accepting, down to earth, easy to talk to, and probably a bit quirky. In fact, teens often tell her she is reminiscent of Miss Frizzle and Jessica Day (if you know, you know).

What Makes Group "Not So Typical"?

Well, mostly that group is run by your local Not So Typical therapist! I refuse to run overly awkward, boring, typical teen groups. What makes my groups different from the rest? We do creative projects, interactive activities, & play games all while learning skills and sharing. I create a space that feels safe to show up as YOU. No, we will not be sitting in a circle just to stare at each other for an hour.... because that sounds awful. You can expect to step into your creative side, laugh a little, and learn a lot. I value the voices of all teens and empower them to share their powers with the rest of the world!

Group vs Individual 


Courtney loves groups! Why? Because developmentally, teens yearn for peer connection and belonging. Courtney creates a safe space for teens to explore their thoughts and emotions while learning lifelong interpersonal and coping skills. 

Why else do I love groups?

Groups make support for teens more accessible by reducing the weekly cost. The average individual counseling session is about $140.00/weekly. Groups provide the opportunity for peer connection with the added bonus of an awesome counselor, for less than HALF the price of individual therapy. It is also important to note that a skills based group does not take the place of individual counseling if that level of support is needed by your teen. 

What do I get for my investment?

Group dues ($300) include all 4 weeks of sessions + a one on one virtual "meet and greet" with the facilitator to make sure this is the right group for your teen. Your total fee also includes the cost of all creative/art supplies. This breaks down to only $60 per group versus the average $140 for individual counseling!

I am ready to sign up, now what?

I am so excited to get to know your teen! The next step is to register by finding a meet and greet appointment time on Wednesday March 1st or Thursday March 2nd on the calendar at the bottom of this page (Registration opens 2/2/23). Once your appointment selection is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to fill out paperwork online. A $50 deposit will be charged at this time that will be applied to the investment total. This deposit holds your teens spot and covers the of the one on one meet and greet with Courtney. The remainder of group dues will be charged upon confirmation of acceptance to group. Commitment to attend group will need to be confirmed at the time of meet and greet.


What can my teen and I expect from the Meet and Greet?

The one on one meet and greet is meant to establish if Not Your Typical Teen Group is the right fit for your teen. Your teen is required to attend the virtual meet and greet and having a parent present is optional (you will receive a link to access the virtual room). The meet and greet is nothing your teen should feel nervous for! Although, I know meeting someone new can be nerve wracking. I am known to be very easy going and not intimating! Come as yourself! I am SO excited to get to know your teen! There is a possibility I may provide feedback that group is not a fit for your teen but this would likely only be if I felt your teen required a higher level of support. 

Frequently Asked Questions (Teens)


🚀Do I HAVE to talk during group?

I will absolutely never force you to talk! That is my promise to you. I love to create teen groups that are run BY teens. In other words, I pride myself in creating groups that feel safe to open up and share. The more you put into group, the more you will get out of it. Sometimes that might be dipping outside your comfort zone to share something. I'm a total introvert myself, so I understand that it may take you take to feel comfortable enough to speak up, and that's ok! 

🚀So is it just talking?

NOPEEE. That would be boring. And kind of painful. This is NOT YOUR TYPICAL TEEN GROUP! Yes, we talk. But we also do interactive projects and games too. I refuse to run an awkward group where we sit in a circle and stare for an hour. 

🚀Do I have to share all my secrets to strangers?

NOPEEEE. You get to decide how much to share and when to share. You can always say "pass".

🚀Is it as lame as my mom(or other adult) is making it sound?

NOPEEEE. Parents (bless their little hearts 😂) usually focus on things like "coping skills" and "someone to talk to". A lot of times it comes across like you need "fixing". That's not really what they mean to express....they just struggle with communication (Yup, I said it). Anywho, this is a space for teens to feel heard, vent, learn, grow, and connect with other teens because....sometimes being a teen is rough.


Click the orange "sign up here" button below, choose Teen Group Meet and Greet, Video office, and then choose available times for March 1st or March 2nd!


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Terms of Enrollment:

In order to create an environment of safety and trust, all members must commit to all 4 groups.  Full Enrollment fee is due upon acceptance into the group ($300). Each teen must complete a "meet and greet" with a facilitator to determine if the group will be a good fit for the teen. No refunds are given for missed groups. Should the facilitator need to reschedule for an emergency or illness, a make up session will occur the week after spring break.

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