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I am here to help.

Finding the "right fit" therapist for a teen or tween is tough. You want your teen to be able to open up and feel comfortable. Well, hopefully you don't need to go much farther.

Cool Girl

 The tween and teenage years can be some of the most challenging for both teens and their parents alike. They often feel misunderstood and alone while parents may feel helpless and disconnected from their teenager.

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I speak grouchy, anxious, and depressed teen fluently. I am known for just "getting it" in the teen world and teens truly enjoy coming to see me and doing the hard-work that counseling requires. 

How do I help?

I inspire teens and tweens to find themselves and empower them to take responsibility in their lives. We work on self-esteem, identity exploration, building coping skills, and also learn about healthy vs unhealthy relationships and boundaries. Not sure how to talk to your teen about therapy? Check out my videos below!

Have a neuro-spicy teen?

I absolutely enjoy working with neurodivergent tweens and teens. Many of the teens I work with are high performing, highly empathetic, deep thinking, old soul teens struggling with symptoms of living in a neurotypical world! Together we work on combatting executive dysfunction, or as I like to call it, the Overwhelm Freeze, empath fatigue, creating healthy boundaries, sustainable routines, and working WITH our neurodivergent strengths to lessen the impact of the stressors that come with living in a neurotypical world. I consider myself a neurodivergent affirming therapist, with a bit of her own neuro-spiciness! 

**I offer free consults to make sure I am the best fit for you teen, so reach out today so we can get started!**

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Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships

Impacts of Social Media

Identity Exploration

Coping Skills

What is Therapy Really Like for Teens?

How to Talk to Your Teen About Going to Therapy & What NOT to Say

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