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Frequently Asked Questions (Parents)


Who is the group for?

This group is designed specifically for

teen girls (9th to 12th grade all over WA state) that may be struggling with anxiety, sadness, healthy relationships, and/or self-confidence.

Some of these struggles may feel even bigger  with the recent changes in the world due to COVID-19. Isolation increases anxiety and depression in teens, potentially making this time in their lives incredibly challenging.


Girls Supporting Girls provides teens an outlet for safe peer connections while navigating the constant changes happening in their worlds.

Topics of discussion will include self-confidence, maintaining healthy boundaries, and coping skills for dealing with stress & anxiety as a teen.

Where will Group Be held?

This is an interactive online group (NOT like most Zoom classes). Teens will need access to a private room and a video friendly device at the time of group each week. We use an interactive platform that allows for us to do activities together while connecting.

Who Will Be Leading Group?

Courtney is the facilitator for this group. She is a practicing licensed mental health therapist in the community that works specifically with teens and tweens. 

Group vs Individual 


Courtney loves groups! Why? Because developmentally, teens yearn for peer connection and belonging. Courtney creates a safe space for girls to explore their thoughts and emotions while learning lifelong interpersonal and coping skills. 

Why else do we love groups?

Groups make support for teens more accessible by reducing the weekly cost. The average individual counseling session is about $140.00/weekly. Groups provide the opportunity for peer connection with the added bonus of an awesome counselor, for less than HALF the price of individual therapy. It is also important to note that a skills based group does not take the place of individual counseling if that level of support is needed by your teen. 

What do I get for my investment?

Group dues ($250) include all 4 weeks of sessions + a one on one "meet and greet" with the facilitator to make sure this is the right group for your teen. This breaks down to only $50 per group versus the average $140 for individual counseling!

I am ready to sign up, now what?

I am so excited to get to know your teen! The next step is to register by filling out the registration (or waitlist if group is full) form below. I will reach out shortly after you submit the registration form to schedule a virtual "meet and greet". 

Frequently Asked Questions (Teens)


🚀Do I HAVE to be on "video"?

NOPEEE! Because its awkward, even for me ha. The platform we use you can totally turn off your camera, still participate, and take away just as much without having the camera in your face. Some teens put their camera on the whole time, some never put it on, some switch it on when talking.

🚀So is it just talking?

NOPEEE. That would be boring. And kind of painful. Yes, we talk. But we also do interactive projects and games too. I use "Jamboards" which is an interactive whiteboard so we can all edit things together.

🚀Do I have to share all my secrets to strangers?

NOPEEEE. You get to decide how much to share and when to share. You can always say "pass".

🚀Is it as lame as my mom(or other adult) is making it sound?

NOPEEEE. Parents (bless their little hearts 😂) usually focus on things like "coping skills" and "someone to talk to". A lot of times it comes across like you need "fixing". That's not really what they mean to express....they just struggle with communication (Yup, I said it). Anywho, this is a space for teens to feel heard, vent, learn, grow, and connect with other teens because....isolation sucks.



October 21st-November 11th


*schedule to be adjusted to accommodate in-person school schedule changes


You will hear from me soon with next steps!

Feel free to email me at with any questions you may have!


Terms of Enrollment:

In order to create an environment of safety and trust, all members must commit to all 4 groups.  Full Enrollment fee is due upon acceptance into the group ($250). Each teen must complete a "meet and greet" with a facilitator to determine if the group will be a good fit for the teen. 

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