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Hanford High SChool

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Ages 14-17

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Jan. 8th: 2nd Period 8:55-9:50am

Jan. 15th: 3rd Period 9:55-10:55am

Jan. 22nd: 5th Period 12:30-1:25pm

Jan. 29th: 6th Period 1:30-2:25pm

Feb. 5th: 2nd Period 8:55-9:50am

Feb 12th: 3rd Period 9:55-10:55am

Who: High school girls attending Hanford High

Where: Hanford High room TBD

What: This is a skills-based group focused on building coping skills, stress management, and confidence in order to reduce anxiety. We will focus on skills related to stresses including school, friends, identity, and family.

Cost: In order to keep the group comfortable and safe for sharing, each member must commit to all 6 sessions. The total cost is $350.00 which includes all 6 groups plus a 1 on 1 Meet and Greet session with Courtney to determine if group is the right fit for you.  Group payments will be collected at the Meet & Greet. 

Next Steps: To register, please fill out the form below.  You will receive an email afterwards reviewing next steps which will include scheduling a 1 on 1 Meet and Greet which is a short meeting with Courtney to determine if group will be a fit for you.  It is a "come as you are" time to chat with absolutely nothing needed to prep!

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