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Kids Drawing

   Children often ask for help in ways that frustrate parents most.  Usually a child's way of communicating something is wrong, is by engaging in challenging behaviors such as major tantrum throwing that is not age appropriate. Some may express feelings only through anger and aggression, while others become closed off and isolated. Children act out at home and at school when something isn't quite right. If your child has concerning behaviors at home and/or school, I can help.


   Parenting can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also leave us feeling burnt out, angry, helpless, and overwhelmed. One of my biggest passions is helping parents find strategies that work specifically for their family's unique needs.  Let's work together to bring the joy back into parenting! Whether you would like occasional parental support while your child is in services, or you would like to solely focus on your experiences as a parent, I am here for you. 

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